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About us


There are things we never learn, people that remain mysterious, and stories that have no ending… And the story of wine is one that writes new chapters over and over again. A story co-created by winemakers along with the unpredictable nature.

The history of viticulture on our farm dates back several generations, but unfortunately, the tradition of production has been interrupted in between, so we started bottling our own wines in 1992. Since then a lot changed, but our dedication to growing vines and wine production remained the same. It is always a great challenge for us to find a common ground with the unpredictable nature and to enrich its gift to our own delight and to the delight of wine lovers.

We are known as producers of fresh, fruity wines, where the varietal characteristics of an individual wine come to the fore – the temperature differences between day and night during the ripening of grapes give Styrian wine a special freshness.
The grapes are produced with a lot of handwork in the vineyard so that each vine reflects the shade of its winegrower.


Our homestead is located in the amphitheater of the Svečine hills, on Špičnik, just below the famous road that draws the shape of a heart between the vineyards. The location, soil, and favorable climatic conditions on almost 9 hectares of vineyards allow us to produce a wide range of different types of wines that can satisfy your taste.

You can choose between fresh, calm, and mostly dry wines, sparkling wines produced by the classic method, but we can also offer you fuller, more mature wines from the Kaspar and Emanuel lines, and red Pinot Noir.

By prior arrangement, we offer the possibility of wine tasting for groups of up to 24 people. Come visit us, make sure for yourself and we will convince you.


Kaspar Gaube

  1. 1. 1859 – 14. 4. 1923

Katarina GAUBE, born Ferk
2. 11. 1883 – 14. 4. 1941

Children: Emanuel, Oto, Marija

In 1895 he built a vineyard cottage, or “stock” in the local dialect, at the border. Working in the vineyard, he continues the tradition of viticulture on the Gaube farm, and in 1901 and 1904 he already received the first awards for wine and fruit.

Data for 1913:

  • 3.96 ha of fields
  • 1.24 ha of meadows
  • 2.74 ha of pastures
  • 1.24 ha of vineyards
  • 2.5 ha of forest

Emanuel Gaube

  1. 3. 1908 – 1945

Marija GAUBE, born Kren
10. 1. 1911 – 12. 6. 1995

Children: Alojz, Milica, Emanuel, Viktorija

take over the estate 6. 8. 1930. In 1933, they restored both “stocks” and installed plumbing in the basement. 25. 10. In 1938 they bought an inn at Linhartova 13 in Maribor and named it BALKAN Inn. Since 1942, they have been bottling wine under the name “Speisenegger” – Špičničan.

Data for 1943:

  • 3.24 ha of fields
  • 1.71 ha of meadows
  • 3.42 ha of vineyards
  • 5.20 ha of orchards
  • 4.2 ha of forest

Alojz Gaube

  1. 6. 1939

Marija GAUBE, born Dreisiebner
20. 5. 1940

Children: Alojzij, Anica

They take over the estate by a handover contract 16. 8. 1974. In 1966, they buy their first tractor. In 1970, they began renovating and expanding the vineyards, which made the existing wine cellar too small and in 1977 they built a new cellar for fruit, and later wine. Half of the must crop was leased to the cooperative, the rest was sold at home. Later, in 1992, they began filling their own wine again.

Alojz became a wine knight in the European Order of the Knights of Wine in 2004 and in the same year they moved to a renovated house at Špičnik 6.

Data for 2000:

  • 3.5 ha of vineyards owned
  • 2.12 ha of vineyards rented
  • 4 ha of forest
  • 6 ha of meadows and pastures
  • 1.16 ha of fields

Alojzij Gaube

  1. 9. 1970

Klavdija GAUBE, born Riedl
5. 2. 1971

Children: Patrik

They take over the estate by a handover contract 14. 5. 2004. In the same year, they bought out the vineyard that had been leased. In 2005, they started renovating the vineyards and bought part of the vineyard “under the watchtower” – 1.08 ha. As the tenth Svečina wine queen, Klavdija wore the crown in 2002 and 2003. In May 2008, they will start building a new modern wine cellar and tasting rooms. Opening: September 11th, 2009

Data for 2019:

  • 8.66 ha of vineyards owned
  • 4.77 ha of meadows and pastures
  • 4 ha of forest